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The Tripp

From $590.00

Leather Knapsack

From $1,020.00

Leather Working Tote

From $800.00

Handmade Leather Goods

Handmade leather goods of high quality are Bags Junction Leather’s specialty. Our classic and timeless leather bags are made with only the best materials and the best vegetable-tanned leather. With excellent craftsmanship, our handmade leather products are ideal for everyday use and perfect for weekend getaways. From the best luxury weekender and leather duffle bags to gorgeous handbags, tote bags, briefcases and work bags, we have something for everyone.

With a lifetime guarantee, our long-lasting, made in the USA leather goods will look beautiful for years to come. Durable and dynamic, we hand-select all of our materials to ensure that you receive exceptional pieces. Discover and shop our handmade leather goods now. Add a Bags Junction piece to your own collection today.