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Men's Collection

No. 10 Weekender Bag

From $850.00

The 929

From $1,200.00

No. 11 Pouch

From $175.00

No. 13 Pouch

From $230.00

No. 14 Pouch

From $240.00

No. 15 Pouch

From $250.00

Leather Coasters

From $65.00

Finest Quality Leather Bags

Guaranteed for Life

There is something special about the supple feel and intoxicating smell of the vegetable-tanned leather we use for our handmade leather bags. Coupled with designs that embrace classic proportions and modern functionality, our collection is the sum of our talents and of the patience required to do things the way they should be done. From our leather tote bags to our briefcases to our travel bags, we put love and passion into every single handcrafted piece, and ensure that each one will last a lifetime.