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Women's Collection

The Tripp

From $590.00

The Sol Handbag

From $690.00

The Tripp II

From $690.00

The Braided Tripp

From $1,000.00

Round Pouch

From $160.00

No. 11 Pouch

From $175.00

No. 14 Pouch

From $240.00

No. 13 Pouch

From $230.00

No. 12 Leather Tote

From $1,200.00

The 929

From $1,200.00

No. 15 Pouch

From $250.00

Leather Knapsack

From $1,020.00

Leather Zipper Backpack

From $1,100.00

Leather Backpack

From $1,300.00

Women's Leather Bags

Our women's collection meets perfectly at the intersection of modern and classic, of business and of leisure. We've designed each piece with architecturally classical ratios in mind. The height and width form just the right relationship to induce a beauty and elegance that will last through the years. Each piece is influenced by the quality, minimalism, and timelessness of classic menswear while still expressing an innate and powerful femininity.