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At Bags Junction, customization is at the core of all that we do. As a design studio in the tradition of storied European ateliers, our dedication to handcrafting bags means that no one piece is ever exactly the same as another thanks to the artisanal nature of our process and the full-grain vegetable-tanned leather we exclusively use. 

We’re now taking this one step further through inviting the most discerning of customers to personally select the leather that will be used to create their perfect bag. Bespoke possibilities extend beyond the choices available in our current line, meaning that each custom piece is likely to be the only one of its kind being carried around in the world. A unique opportunity for a unique bag, this is something Bags Junction is especially proud to offer as an extension of our commitment to customer satisfaction and best-in-class quality.

The opportunity to own a singular and wholly distinctive Bags Junction bag begins at $3500 and increases with the variables of product size and leather type. Together, we’ll work to hand-pick the hide, style, and monogram for a special and thoughtfully conceived item to be created in our Providence studio by the hands of talented artists. Like visiting a tailor or seamstress to choose the cloth from which a suit or dress will be sewn, this customized bag will be made to serve your needs, improve with age, and thereby be the last of its kind you will ever need. 

Please contact us using the form below to commence the process of forming your perfect handbag, briefcase, or travel bag either remotely or through scheduling an appointment at our leather design studio. Alternatively, from time to time we visit stockists with a sampling of our leather and styles on offer; let us know if you would prefer to arrange a meeting at one of these locations. 

To learn more about the bespoke process, go here!